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Orlando Roof RepairsDavid Lundberg Building & Roofing uses multiple brands of single-ply membranes, with a variety of different types within each manufacturer, which allows us to meet the needs of each customer for single ply roofs in Florida. Each type of single-ply membrane is designed to deliver a high quality of performance and durability, depending on weather conditions within our unique region.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin, a Single-ply membrane consisting of a synthetic rubber compound reinforced with fibers and a polyester scrim. Unlike EPDM, TPO is hot-welded and fused together at the seams. TPO is predominantly used in a 45, 60, or 80 mils thickness and offered in white, tan or gray. Typically white is chosen, which helps reflects direct sunlight and helps reduce cooling energy costs. Installation of this membrane usually comes fully adhered or mechanically fastened.

If single-ply roofing sounds right for you, give the experts at David Lundberg Building & Roofing a call today to see what we can do for you.

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